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    MaxiPlatform Analytics combines data from different sources and prsents it in one crosscutting report. 

    • Performance monitoring

      Clients, who use MaxiPlatform Analytics, have in their disposition a tool that helps them regulate sales and retention the Key Performance Indicateors (KPI's), resulting in the performance improvement.

    • Control high-risk and big users

      Different functions of MaxiPlatform Analytics help control very risky and big users, whose trading strategies can do harm to the brokerage.

    • Integration and customization

      MaxiPlatform Analytics is fully integrated into MT4 and other trading platforms, and it can be used on different mobile devices, as well as be customized for the brokerage.

    CRM works well with various payment processing systems. It is also allows brokers to view reports on movement of funds. 

    • Full user data

      MaxiPlatform CRM also allows brokers to keep a full statistic report that includes personal data, trading and marketing information.


    • Assign permissions

      Brokers, who use MaxiPlatform CRM, can personalize the system and transfer information to certain managers, brokerage firms, sales staff or client retention department.

    • Safe and secure

      One of the main advantages of MaxiPlatform CRM is a wide range of security parameters that can be used individually and in various business units.

    MaxiPlatform trading platform is a web-based software that allows the clients to trade in any place convenient for them.

    • Mobile compatibility

      Trading platform, developed by MaxiPlatform, also works well with all mobile devices and guarantees traders access from virtually any location and device.


    • Built in functions

      MaxiPlatform trading platform contains a lot of opportunities in comparison with any other competitive softwares, including built in charts, fund deposit options and other additional features.

    • Full integration with CRM

      Trading platform is fully integrated into MaxiPlatform CRM, it gives brokers, who use both systems, more control over client data, as well as a great advantage.

    51.580 coding hours
    7 data centers
    0.025 sec/execution
    385 trading instrument

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