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    • About MaxiPlatform

    MaxiPlatform is a software development company which focuses on the solutions for enterprises operating in the forex industry. The company offers a lot of different products for small and large service providers in the field of electronic commerce. MaxiPlatform has created solutions that help optimize the work of forex brokers by cutting costs, improving data collection and management, and also controlling revenue streams. The entire MaxiPlatform team consists of professionals and masters of their craft. It is professionalism that makes it possible to create a product of good quality.

    • The story of MaxiPlatform

    MaxiPlatform was founded by the developers from the FinTech industry. The main idea of the development is the improvement of the work of brokers, namely the creation of software for use in various broker operations, in particular, for sales increasing.

    The uniqueness of MaxiPlatform lies in the fact that the company is a broker for brokers: the developers have come from this industry, they know what brokers need for growth, and it is with this knowledge that they approach the development of various products. Since the company is part of the forex industry, they are aware of the evolving trends and can often predict the needs that may arise.