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    MaxiPlatform CRM: the system works for you

    • Ultimate fund control

      MaxiPlatform CRM works well with various payment processing systems, it is also allows brokers to view reports on movement of funds.

    • Full user data

      MaxiPlatform CRM also allows brokers to keep a full statistic report that includes personal data, trading and marketing information.

    • Full integration

      MaxiPlatform CRM is easily integrated into various trading platforms, including the MaxiPlatform trading platform and the ubiquitous MT4.

    • Perform functions from the platform

      MaxiPlatform CRM allows you to call traders, send SMS signals to certain groups or individuals, open and close positions, download leads, and perform other actions.

    • Assign permissions

      Brokers who use MaxiPlatform CRM can personalize the system and transfer information to certain managers, brokerage firms, sales staff or client retention department.

    • Safe and secure

      One of the main advantages of MaxiPlatform CRM is a wide range of security parameters that can be used individually and in various business units. 

    MaxiPlatform CRM increases conversion and retention by an average of 65%.

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